Sunday, November 8, 2015

Answer key H S C (science) Sem-3 --- Maths And Physics Solution 100% સાચુ......

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          H S C  (science) Sem-3 Answer key --- Maths, Physics And Chemistry Solution 100% સાચુ......

    •  Note in Maths----> only Maths

      MCQ(9) ma javab (B) darsavel chhe pan sacho javab vikalp (D) chhe

      MCQ(51) ma javab )A) darsavel chhe pan tema bhul chhe sacho javab  vikalp (B) chhe


      1.Solution of MATHS semester-3 October-2015-- Click Here  

            2.Solution of PHYSICS semester-3 October-2015--Click Here

            3.Solution of CHEMISTRY semester-3 October-2015--Click Here


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